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A house or structures for camping in the form of a sphere (hemispheres, the so-called “round houses”) are very practical. They have many benefits. I want to tell all the advantages. We will also talk about the features of spherical houses.
The sphere has high strength. This is ensured by an even distribution of loads on the surface. The design works well for compression and bending.
1) Scope – the best form for the house with wind and snow loads.
2) The sphere has the largest volume with the smallest surface area.
3) The minimum cost of materials and time for the production of the sphere.
4) The spherical shape is energy-saving, it is made almost seamless, this minimizes heat loss, and reduces the cost of installing a heating system. 5) Roof-roof repair is not needed, it is one unit, without seams, without the use of numerous materials and designs of modern roofs.
6) The issue of ventilation is a hermetically sealed hole at the top of the sphere, as well as in accordance with the design documentation.
7) The house-sphere is cheap to operate. There is no need to repair ceilings, attics, paint, roofs over time.
8) The lightness and strength of the spheres allows their construction in seismically hazardous areas.
9) The ability to install on difficult terrain and slopes.
10) The surface of the ball is about a quarter smaller than the surface of a cube of the same volume. This means that spherical structures use a quarter less materials than cubic ones.
11) In spherical structures there are no angles where air usually stagnates, they are easier to ventilate.
12) Special foundation blocks are not needed, foundations are cast above the surface of the earth, on a pillow (for different soils – different technologies). Or a foundation is applied on stilts.
13) The sphere is much more difficult to destroy by explosions. Even pierced in one or more places, it does not lose its structural abilities and does not break.
14) It is convenient to erect spheres in hard-to-reach places: mountain recreation centers, geological exploration bases, in residential villages in the North. In inaccessible places, all equipment is delivered by helicopter.
15) The use of spherical structures gives new opportunities in such facilities as swimming pools, greenhouses, baths, greenhouses, kiosks, parking lots, pavilions, shops, cafes, video rooms, fitness centers, offices, gyms, boarding houses, children’s camps.
16) It is possible to create spherical multi-tiered city structures using minimal areas for foundations, developing spatial compositions over highways, ponds, forests.
17) Cable-stayed structures will fit well into spherical ensembles: spatial transitions, large cantilevered extensions of balconies and platforms, inclusion of the terrestrial landscape and water surface. In the plan it is possible to produce spatial volumes of any shape.
In addition to all the above features, spherical houses and structures have a special energy potential. Such houses can beneficially affect a person’s energy, improve their well-being. In the era of global technological development, this is very important.
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