Mission CampDOME – We are an international company that promotes the idea of ​​dome construction in the field of everyday life. In our understanding, “Home” is a part of ourselves. In the house we spend most of our lives, our children grow in it, sometimes we make difficult decisions in it, rejoice, live. The house protects us from the world around us, but it itself is part of it.
 Therefore, we make comfortable modern and thoughtful homes. They are spacious and bright. Everything is made of environmental components, with the thought of you and the future.

What we produce

Solutions and Features

Frame production:

Ready-made house frame for self-assembly


Ready-made solutions – “build it yourself” house designer


Reliable and versatile:

Our designs are suitable for any climate and withstand heavy wind and snow loads,
 cold or hot climate

Put where you want:

Dome structures are allowed to be installed on the banks of reservoirs, in reserves, parks. Do not need a capital foundation

Save money and time

Quick installation without special equipment. No building permits required

We guarantee quality: our responsibility for quality

Ready-made solutions

Camping: dome structures for organizing housing in campsites and recreational facilities
House: domed houses (geodesic, stratodesic) – modern reliable housing
Cafe: Organization of restaurants, cafes and bars. Trading floors
Ecological-hotel: mini hotels in nature and areas where capital construction is prohibited